With 2018 around the corner, it’s the perfect time for businesses to reflect on their accomplishments, make goals for the next year, and do some necessary housekeeping that may have been neglected. Use our end of year checklist to set yourself up for success and feel refreshed starting back in the new year.

Stay current – Are outdated computers, tablets or smartphones stalling work productivity? The holiday season offers great deals on these items so it is a good idea to save money by purchasing now. Update your business software applications and make sure you are using the best systems for your needs. It is also very important that your business destroys old hard drives and updates your disaster recovery plans.

Examine your finances. Taking a closer look at office supplies, utility costs or subscriptions can be very eye-opening. You might discover that you’re spending money every month on subscriptions to magazines no one reads or software that is rarely used. If you are constantly outsourcing projects, consider hiring someone who can tackle those projects internally. Rent for office space can be costly so don’t waste it on document storage. Move your files off-site to a secure storage facility or convert physical files to digital.

Declutter – Let go of papers and files that no longer provide any value by archiving or shredding. And yes, that includes the filing cabinet in the corner of the office! Always bear in mind how long you should be keep certain documents as required by law or the IRS. Consider cutting back on paper by scanning documents and storing them on a cloud-based platform. If you’ve already gone digital, organize and clean out your digital files.

Ensuring you are ready for the new year can be daunting task but you don’t have to do it alone. ARKIVE offers services that can help with each of these checklist items. Our account executives have years of experience in the information management industry and can help you strategize your end-of-year shredding project, give you a competitive quote for off-site storage, help you go digital with MyKloud, or choose the data protection services that meet your needs. Focus on what you do best and let ARKIVE protect what matters.