Secure Information Management Services in Vancouver

Canadian businesses and organizations face challenges in navigating through the information lifecycle. Changing regulations in privacy and information security strengthen the case to seek help from an experienced information management vendor to reduce costs and supercharge organizational productivity. ARKIVE is an information management provider dedicated to servicing clients in Vancouver for all their records management needs. Our full suite of information management services including secure document shredding, secure data protection, and a range of comprehensive digital solutions equip Vancouver organizations with the tools to secure vital information and assets.

ARKIVE’s smart, modern approach to information management makes managing the information lifecycle simpler for Vancouver businesses. Thousands of clients in Canada trust ARKIVE to protect and securely store assets, and in Vancouver, you can use our services to Protect What Matters most to your business.

Protect More in Vancouver with ARKIVE

Vancouver clients use our services to streamline workflows and increase productivity. We have a variety of secure information management services to fit the specific needs of your Vancouver organization. ARKIVE secure information management gives your business the ability to:


Enhance Value

Your teams will accomplish more with valuable information at their disposal.

Maintain Compliance

Meet regulatory guidelines and reduce the risk of violations, fines, and lawsuits.

Improve Business Decisions

With a secure information management system, members of your organization have quick access to information to make decisions to increase revenue.

Secure Your Information With ARKIVE Services

ARKIVE’S fully integrated information management solutions enable greater control and security over your records. Our services in Vancouver include:

Arkive Storage

Our storage solutions keep files secure and readily recoverable, freeing up personal office space for what customers do best.

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From tape archiving, conversion and rotation services to cloud backup, disaster recovery and more, trust our ever-evolving approach to seamless business continuity.

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Rely on us to convert physical assets to digital ones with our convenient and affordable services for jobs of any size.

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When security and compliance standards require permanent disposal of physical assets, leave the job to our professionals.

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Access Physical and Digital Information in My ARKIVE Portal

My ARKIVE Portal (MAP) is an online tool we offer giving you full access, control, and visibility over the physical and digital information within your organization. It’s easy to use and helps you keep track of all your most important records and information efficiently. The tool is available 24/7, so you can check your records anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Transition from Paper to Digital

In Vancouver, access to ARKIVE’s secure information management services makes the process of transitioning from paper to digital easier with the help of MyKloud, a comprehensive cloud-based information management system. You’ll have 24/7 access to records anytime, anywhere. Going from paper to digital with ARKIVE offers great benefits such as:

· Tenured information specialist with years of information management and data protection knowledge (management, sales, client services, operations, and couriers).

· Flexibility in searching, accessing and retrieving critical information

· Lower storage costs and save on transportation costs by utilizing digital delivery of physical information.

· Meticulous execution of secure industry-leading information management strategies.

· Localized Vancouver Customer Service and Sales representation for personalized account representation.

ARKIVE Services These Industries

ARKIVE helps Vancouver businesses and organizations maintain compliance and meet industry regulations. Here’s a selection of some of the industries we service:


The financial and banking industry has always been subject to significant changes in regulatory standards. Regardless of what happens with these regulations, you must always comply with the current law. These laws are present in many different areas of regulation. ARKIVE optimizes compliance for financial firms subject to Canadian banking regulations reducing costs and risks.


ARKIVE helps healthcare organizations in Canada maintain compliance with industry regulations established in provinces and territories. Maintaining compliance and abiding by healthcare regulations helps reduce costs and provide improved care for patients.


Small and large educational institutions benefit from having a reliable, secure records & information management partner by their side. Primary-elementary schools, secondary-high schools, and universities need proper information management in which traditional document management vendors aren’t up for the task. With ARKIVE’s focus on providing the most secure solutions on the information management market, you’ll be able to efficiently cut costs and stay compliant with the rules & regulations most applicable to your type of school.

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