ARKIVE Secure Financial Information Management Solutions

Keeping Financial Assets Securely Protected

How ARKIVE Helps Financial Institutions with the Most Secure Document and Information Management Practices

The retention of documents and records was simple in the past – “keep everything” so as not to violate local, state and national laws and regulations. That’s no longer practical as requirements have changed requiring the precise management of all physical and digital documents from creation to storage as well as timely destruction. Financial institutions and banks face constant changes to information governance laws and regulations. It’s critical to have a partner that understands and assists them in managing these documents and data at every stage of their lifecycle. That’s why customers recognize ARKIVE as the industry leader due to our stringent approach to document and information management. Our services are unparalleled in the industry. We help all types of financial firms with their records management programs and strengthen the security of their records. This includes transitioning from paper to digital, and storage as well as access and retrieval.

ARKIVE Always Follows the Latest Regulatory Standards

The financial and banking industry has always been subject to significant changes in regulatory standards. Regardless of what happens with these regulations, you must always comply with the current law. These laws are present in many different areas of regulation including but not limited to:




Bank Secrecy Act


Truth in Lending Act


The Federal Reserve


Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Whether you want to comply with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s mandates or evaluate the impact of regulations at the federal level, ARKIVE can help you navigate through these waters and securely mitigate risks. To stay ahead of your competitors, you must have a secure, information management partner with experience and expertise to help you.

ARKIVE Provide Secure Information Management Services

ARKIVE offers the most secure information management solutions for your financial institution. Our solutions are comprehensive and address many challenges related to maintaining absolute security over your information, documents, and files.  We provide all the following services to the financial industry:

Arkive Storage

ARKIVE keeps your information secure and easily retrievable, allowing you to focus more time on other activities. ARKIVE Storage physical record services include the following:

  • Secure off-site storage
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Data Entry Services
  • Audit Reporting


Our destruction services focus on the secure destruction of assets, documents, and electronic information either on demand or at a pre-determined schedule. ARKIVE Destruction includes:

  • Secure Media (electronic) Destruction
  • Secure Physical Destruction


Increase the workflow processes at your bank or financial institution with ARKIVE Digital Solutions and the new ARKIVE MyKloud.  ARKIVE enables you to convert physical assets to digital information that’s secure and easily accessible. ARKIVE Digital Solutions include:

  • Scanning Services
  • Business Process Automation
  • Digital Imaging and Data Capture
  • Online Digital Storage with MyKloud


ARKIVE Data provides the following secure information programs to ensure your business stays in business:

  • Off-site secure tape backup and rotation services
  • Secure temperature controlled vaults
  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Disaster Planning and Testing
  • Data Conversion & Asset Management
  • Data Migration and Restoration
  • Electronic Media Destruction

Trust ARKIVE for All Your Secure Information Management Needs

By using ARKIVE’s secure portal (My ARKIVE Portal) MAP and (ARKIVE Inventory Manager), you can request services, place work orders, check physical inventory, and view and create activity reports of your physical holdings – all at the click of a mouse.  Our job is to provide the most secure information management services to help you mitigate risks and maintain compliance with the latest regulations.  Focus on what you do best and let ARKIVE protect what matters.

ARKIVE: Protecting what Matters.