ARKIVE Secure Records Management for Educational Institutions

Securing Your Most Important Administrative Records

ARKIVE Helps Educational Institutions With Secure Records Management

Small and large educational institutions benefit from having a reliable, secure records & information management partner by their side. Primary-elementary schools, secondary-high schools, and universities need proper information management in which traditional document management vendors aren’t up for the task. With ARKIVE’s focus on providing the most secure solutions on the information management market, you’ll be able to efficiently cut costs and stay compliant with the rules & regulations most applicable to your type of school.

Types of Regulations for Educational Institutions

There are several major regulations elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions are required to abide by. The last thing you need to worry about is the risk of non-compliance with established federal laws pertaining to records management. The burden of proof is on you to make sure you’re operating within proper compliance standards, and that’s where ARKIVE can help you make sure you’re on track.

We’ll help you maintain compliance with federal and state regulations which affect your records management processes, including:


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Under this federal regulation, all schools which receive funding from the U.S. Department of Education must protect the privacy of student records. Parents of these students have the right to examine their child’s education records upon request, and when the student turns 18, they’ll gain the rights to review their student records as well.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

IDEA is a federal law that was passed in 1990 and mandates that schools accommodate the needs of students with disabilities. Schools can evaluate individuals who may have a disability without charging the parents anything. There are specific documents which need to be kept secure, like an IEP (Individualized Education Program), which illustrates which services a school must provide to a disabled student.

Fair Information Practice Principles

The Fair Information Practice Principles are the foundation in which United States privacy laws function. Individuals can have access to their education records and correct any inaccurate or outdated information at their discretion.
With our experience in the realm of secure information management, your school or university will be well equipped to withstand the challenges of maintaining proper compliance with information governance laws.

How Does ARKIVE Use Secure Records Information Management for Your Educational Institution?

At ARKIVE, we have Account Executives with the experience to examine your secondary or postsecondary institution’s approach to records management. They will evaluate areas of weakness and devise a plan to see what types of secure services you’ll need.

These secure services include:

Arkive Storage

With ARKIVE Storage, you’ll have the means to securely store important education (faculty, administrative, financial aid, etc.) records in our off-site storage facilities. You’ll see an increase in the efficiency of your physical and digital information protection measures.

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ARKIVE Data protects colleges, universities, and other schools from interruptions which can affect access to digital and media records. We provide tape archiving, off-site tape storage and rotation, data conversion and restoration, disaster recovery and testing, and cloud services, so the school is always safeguarded against any potential threat to its information security.

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o Get the secure document destruction you need for education-related documents with ARKIVE Destruction. You’ll meet with one of our ARKIVE Account Executives to determine appropriate bin locations and service sites.

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o With the help of MYKLOUD, a secure, cloud-based electronic file system, you’ll be able to cut down on costs significantly by switching to digital for all your secure records management necessities.

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Our comprehensive, secure solutions help schools maintain compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding information governance.

Making the Transition from Physical to Digital with ARKIVE

ARKIVE will help you securely convert all your physical assets to digital information assets, so it will be easier for students, faculty, administrators, and alumni alike to send important information and documents no matter their location. Another benefit of incorporating a digital approach to keeping your physical assets safe is the ability to keep your documents categorized, reducing the risk of accidentally misplacing or losing them.  We have the tools and experience to convert any one of the following physical documents to digital:

Transcripts  • Student records  • Financial aid documents  • Course schedules  • Alumni records   Employment agreements  • Administrative records

Your records will always be safe and protected at our secure, off-site facilities.

How Do You Access Your Records?

Retrieving your information at ARKIVE comes at just a click of a mouse or by calling ARKIVE’s toll-free number. Educational institutions usually use our secure portal – MAP (My ARKIVE Portal):

1. Logon to the secure My ARKIVE Portal or MAP

2. Click on ARKIVE Inventory Manager or AIM

3. Search your inventory for the school record you need

4. Create a work order

5. ARKIVE will pull the requested student information or school record

6. ARKIVE can scan the specific information

7. ARKIVE posts that file to ARKIVE’s MyKloud portal so you can securely retrieve it

8. If required, ARKIVE can securely transport the original file or medical record to your location

Securely accessing physical records at ARKIVE is highly flexible and convenient. We fully understand what It takes to provide the most secure information management services while keeping your educational institution compliant by NAID standards.

Trust ARKIVE for All Your Secure Information Management Needs

When you partner with ARKIVE, you’re getting complete information security and storage in our state-of-the-art facilities. Access to these files is as easy as a click of a mouse through our portal. ARKIVE makes it convenient for you to outsource secure records management services and maintain compliance with the latest medical regulatory practices.