ARKIVE Secure Legal Information Management Solutions

Keeping Your Legal Records Secure

ARKIVE Helps Legal Industries With Secure Records Management

The backbone of the legal industry is information. It can be overwhelming to identify, organize, and maintain all the information required to retain while also ensuring its sufficiently protected and accessible. ARKIVE has everything you need to preserve and access your information with your preferences in mind. We help small and large law firms securely protect all their information assets both physically and digitally. With ARKIVE, you will enjoy reduced costs and personalized service and easy access to important legal records securely. You’ll have more time available to make sure your law firm is meeting its ethical obligations to safeguard confidential information.

Can Your Law Firm Use ARKIVE’s Secure Information Management Services?

ARKIVE’s Account Executives have the experience to review your law firm’s current records program and help you affordably reach your records information management (RIM) objectives. They will evaluate areas of weakness and devise a plan for the secure services that best suit your needs.  These secure services include:

ARKIVE Storage

With ARKIVE Storage, you’ll have peace of mind securely storing important legal records in our state-of-the-art storage facilities. With today’s real estate costs soaring, keeping records on-site has become a non-revenue generating cost center. By utilizing ARKIVE Storage, costly file rooms can now be retrofitted to offices for paralegals and attorneys that generate revenue for the firm.

ARKIVE Data Protection

ARKIVE Data Protection safeguards important information from corruption, compromise, or loss. We provide tape archiving, off-site tape storage, tape rotation, data conversion and restoration, disaster recovery and testing, and cloud backup services so your law firm is protected against any potential threat to its information. A recent survey by the American Bar Association found that one in four law firms have experienced a data breach from hacks, website attacks, break-ins, or lost/stolen computers or smartphones. ARKIVE Data Protection will give you confidence to achieve the recovery objectives you’ve set for your firm.

ARKIVE Digital Solutions

With ARKIVE’s MyKloud, a secure, cloud-based, electronic file system, you’ll be able to cut down on costs significantly by switching to digital files for all your secure records management necessities. MyKloud gives you access to your information anytime, anywhere. The platform allows you to apply descriptive metadata which will make your digital files searchable and will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to find the documents you need. In addition, audits are now as easy as the click of a mouse.

ARKIVE Destruction

ARKIVE’s Destruction services allow your information to be securely destroyed. Once records reach the end of their lifecycle, it’s critical to ensure confidential information doesn’t end up in the hands of someone who could use it against your firm. ARKIVE’s proof of custody tracks your records from on-site collection through destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided as confirmation all requested materials have been destroyed. From your office through the shredding process, the security of your information is always at center of ARKIVE’S Destruction services.
Our comprehensive, secure solutions help you and your law firm mitigate risk and maintain compliance with information governance.

Reducing Real Estate Costs for Law Firms

For many urban-based law firms, real estate costs are some of the largest expenses to address. While many of the costs are due to lease renewals and moving to a new location, the on-site records and file rooms are often overlooked. Many law firm partners think about downsizing the number of physical offices to tackle the problem, but our approach focuses on significantly reducing a firm’s paper footprint by transitioning your current records management processes to digital or moving records to off-site secure storage. Other benefits your law firm will receive from having increased space include:


Lower operational costs


More room for revenue-generating activities


Larger profit margins

ARKIVE’s secure off-site storage facilities provide constant protection monitoring, high level access controls and permissions, intruder alerts and alarms, and early smoke detection and fire systems all work together to provide you peace of mind.

Trust ARKIVE for All Your Secure Information Management Needs

When you partner with ARKIVE, we make it convenient for you to outsource secure records management services, mitigate risks and maintain compliance. Our local account executives are prepared to help determine information management solutions that fulfill your specific needs. Focus on what you do best and let ARKIVE protect what matters.