ARKIVE Secure Information Management for Insurance

Securing Important Insurance Industry Assets
Insurance agencies need a trustworthy, secure information management vendor to overcome many of the challenges associated with securely protecting physical and digital information assets. Once the process of properly securing information assets has been established, it will be easier for insurance agencies to focus on maximizing their profitability and engaging in more revenue-generating activities. With ARKIVE’s secure services, achieving such a business goal and maintaining compliance with established information governance laws will save you lots of time and money.

ARKIVE Addresses Various Insurance Regulations & Information Governance Laws

With the insurance industry being as competitive as it is, insurance company CEOs and shareholders are always looking for better ways to boost profits and keeping customers on board for the long-term. Information and data volumes grow all the time, and that means it’s going to be much more difficult to maintain the proper information governance and compliance necessary to run an efficient, cost-effective insurance firm.
To make matters more complicated, many insurance companies rely on old, outdated legacy systems that simply can’t handle storing the growing amount of information and data coming in. It’s impossible to maintain consistent profitability and properly make good business decisions when the underlying problem of not having a secure information management system in place.

ARKIVE Offers a Full Suite of Services

ARKIVE solves this problem with our secure services which will benefit your organization in many ways. Our Account Executives have the experience to examine your insurance company’s areas of weakness with regards to its current information management system. After the evaluation is complete, then we create a plan to see which types of secure services you’ll need.


o Get the secure document destruction you need for education-related documents with ARKIVE Destruction. You’ll meet with one of our ARKIVE Account Executives to determine appropriate bin locations and service sites.

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ARKIVE Data protects colleges, universities, and other schools from interruptions which can affect access to digital and media records. We provide tape archiving, off-site tape storage and rotation, data conversion and restoration, disaster recovery and testing, and cloud services, so the school is always safeguarded against any potential threat to its information security.

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Arkive Storage

With ARKIVE Storage, you’ll have the means to securely store important education (faculty, administrative, financial aid, etc.) records in our off-site storage facilities. You’ll see an increase in the efficiency of your physical and digital information protection measures.

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o With the help of MYKLOUD, a secure, cloud-based electronic file system, you’ll be able to cut down on costs significantly by switching to digital for all your secure records management necessities.

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ARKIVE will provide secure information management solutions to help insurance companies comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Electronic Signatures inGlobal and National Commerce Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and more.

Benefits of Transitioning from Physical to Digital with ARKIVE’s Secure Services

With ARKIVE, you’ll receive advantages and benefits you won’t get from using a traditional information management vendor. We have an unmatched ability to implement secure records management solutions for insurance organizations that maximize efficiency and cut costs. With the massive amount of paperwork from administrative and claims documents, it’s important insurance organizations maintain the highest level of compliance.  Some of the benefits you’ll receive from switching to ARKIVE include:

• 24/7 access to information and documents regardless of where you are

• Greater flexibility keeping up with expanding information and data

• Secure risk mitigation to help you attain the best ROI for your insurance company

• Greater knowledge of important business security risks among all members of your organization

• Every phase of the secure information management process is tracked through Proof of Custody

In addition to these main benefits, we also provide secure, off-site vaults with 24/7 protection monitoring, intruder alerts and alarms, secure access controls and permissions, and early smoke detection and fire alarms.

Accessing Insurance Records and Documents

Retrieving your information at ARKIVE comes at just a click of a mouse or by calling ARKIVE’s toll-free number. Law firm clients usually use our secure portal – MAP (My ARKIVE Portal):

1. Logon to the secure My ARKIVE Portal or MAP

2. Click on ARKIVE Inventory Manager or AIM

3. Search your inventory for the patient record you need

4. Create a work order

5. ARKIVE will pull the requested patient information or medical record

6. ARKIVE can scan the patient information

7. ARKIVE posts that file to ARKIVE’s MyKloud portal so you can securely retrieve it

8. If required, ARKIVE can securely transport the original file or medical record to your location

Securely accessing physical records at ARKIVE is highly flexible and convenient. We fully understand what It takes to provide the most secure information management services while keeping your insurance company complaint with all the latest information governance standards.

Trust ARKIVE for All Your Secure Information Management Needs

When you work with ARKIVE, you’re getting complete information security and storage in our state-of-the-art facilities. Access to these files is as easy as a click of a mouse through our portal. ARKIVE makes it convenient for you to outsource secure records management services and maintain compliance with the latest regulatory practices for insurance companies.