ARKIVE Secure Health Information Management Solutions

Providing Security for Your Most Important Medical Documents

ARKIVE Helps Healthcare Professionals With Secure Records Management

From the largest hospital to any type of regional or local medical facility handling confidential information is a critical link to serving patients and protecting your practice. Our healthcare portfolio of services provides you with the ability to move from paper to digital files, store and access information when and how you need it to provide the best patient experience available. ARKIVE provides secure information management services allowing you to protect your most valuable clinical and business information. We enable you to focus on the activities that matter most like maintaining HIPAA compliance, mitigating your risks and staying compliant with changing regulations.


ARKIVE Securely Protects Health Information

As experienced information management professionals, we possess the ability to ensure your files, patient records, data, and information are secure. ARKIVE not only has the knowledge and experience to help you but the most secure off-site storage facilities to protect, access and preserve your information for the long-term.

ARKIVE also helps healthcare organizations maintain compliance with local, federal and state regulations. Two of the most prominent federal medical regulations in the United States are the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act. It is required under federal law for medical entities to secure health information privacy. The rule applies to the following entities:

healthcare providers


health plans

public health authority


life insurers

schools and universities

healthcare clearinghouses

These regulations are designed to provide the patient with the means to protect their health information. And as a medical provider, selecting a secure information management provider you can trust is imperative to the health of your practice, your center, and your business.

The FTC Act prevents medical businesses from actively misleading customers about their health information and data. HIPAA Compliance alone isn’t enough to maintain full compliance with federal regulations. ARKIVE Information Management helps your business maintain compliance with both regulations and other types of information governance laws in your state.

ARKIVE Secure Information Management Services

ARKIVE offers the most secure information management solutions for your healthcare organization. Our solutions are comprehensive and address many challenges related to maintaining absolute security over your information, medical records, data, documents, and files.  ARKIVE provides all the following secure information management services supporting our healthcare business partners:

Arkive Storage

· Secure offsite storage of records, data, media, files and cartons

· Asset Management

· Information Lifecycle Management

· On-site records staffing

· Data entry (on-site and off-site) for keying, scanning or digital file conversion


Our destruction services focus on the secure destruction of patient information, medical and financial records, X-rays, or documents with:

· Secure Media (electronic) Destruction

· Secure Shredding Services


· Secure Backup Services and Tape Rotation Services

· Data Migration and Restoration

· Cloud Recovery and Back up Services

· Business Continuity

· Disaster Planning and Testing

· Tape Sales

· Electronic Media Destruction


When it’s time to create, store, access and convert physical information into digital information, ARKIVE provides complete scanning and secure storage services to assist you including:

· Business Process Automation with MyKloud

· Digital Imaging and Data Capture

· Secure MyVaults with workflows and/or approval processes

Trust ARKIVE for All Your Secure Information Management Needs

When you partner with ARKIVE, you’re getting complete information security and storage in our state-of-the-art facilities. Access to these files is as easy as a click of a mouse through our portal. ARKIVE makes it convenient for you to outsource secure records management services and maintain compliance with the latest medical regulatory practices.