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Scanning, indexing, and storing information in today’s digital age can be a costly and daunting undertaking for any business. Having a reliable partner who understands business requirements and workflow processes is crucial to a successful information management program. With our web-based electronic file management system, you can instantly access, control, and securely govern over all your information anywhere, anytime. Plus, our services are both convenient and affordable.

Our Digital Solutions With MYKLOUD

Working exclusively with paper at your organization can prove to be a major detriment to the efficiency of your personnel. At ARKIVE, we recognize the necessity for more streamlined, automated processes to coincide with your organizational workflows. We use workflow process management as a tool to assist us to improve workflow productivity and to assist with the following measures:


Increasing the number of tasks your staff completes


Mitigating organizational risks


Eliminating paper and converting to digital


Making organizational processes more efficient

In addition, we offer several services which can help smooth the transition from paper to digital: digital imaging and data capture, workflow process management, and enterprise content management. Everything is accessed through MyKloud, a highly secure, cloud-based electronic file management system.

Digital Imaging and Data Capture

At ARKIVE, we are happy to help you make the best out of our document imaging and data capture services for your business objectives. Consolidating your paperwork into a centralized location has never been easier, and you will drastically reduce the amount of waste in your company’s production pipeline. Your business will be able to meet regulatory standards and compliance goals as a result.

In addition, we also offer data capture services. Data capture refers to the process of capturing data from unstructured documents like emails and invoices. We make sure every bit of information from each data source is compatible and easily shared with other members of your organization. Whether your team needs access to scanned images, PDFs, scanned paper documents, or electronic transmissions, we’ll be there to handle it all for you.

Workflow Process Management 

Workflow management offers complete visibility into approval requests. In summary, it offers complete visibility into approval requests, approvers, comments, and time to make processes efficient and compliance transparent. Workflow Manager uses a business friendly user interface for the management of user identity, access and service requests.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) refers to the technology behind capturing, integrating, measuring, managing, and storing information. Sometimes, it’s simply not enough to capture content or data. In many situations, you may need a comprehensive solution to solve problems beyond merely scanning documents into a system. Some of the benefits you will gain from using ECM are as follows:

Greater consistency across the board


More control over the schedule

Social media data capturing

Easy-to-access centralized system

At ARKIVE, we use our own ECM tool when working with enterprises. It’s called MyKloud and it comes with a multitude of features.


Converting customer files to electronic image format


Migrate existing digital files

Move your email domain


Advanced search features

Customized workflow enablement


Enhanced search ability


Hard copy integration

Low cost secure enterprise feedback management (EFM)

These features make it easier for you and your enterprise to solve issues related to duplicating work, freeing up space, increasing workflow transparency, and much more. Take advantage of MyKloud and see up to 25% of your organization’s in efficiencies eliminated from repetitive workflow processes.

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