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Document Shredding and Destruction Services to Fit Your Needs

In the effort to abide by strict security and compliance standards, many enterprises need outside help from vendors. One way of meeting these standards involves permanently disposing physical assets, whether they be paper files or electronic media. It’s a job best left up to the professionals. At ARKIVE, we’ll handle the destruction of your obsolete information with a highly secure, controlled, closed-process to ensure the safety of your business information, mitigating your risks and protecting your business reputation. Our destruction services are a great way of overseeing the secure destruction of unneeded assets and old documents. We assist with paper shredding, electronic media destruction, hard drive shredding, and more. It’s all safe, cost-effective, and secure.

Secure Destruction

With ARKIVE’S Secure Destruction services, destroying leftover vital and confidential information will be easy and cost-effective. Why should you consider shredding your documents? Here are some of the benefits of shredding for starters:

Maintain and secure your organization's credibility
Are you concerned about the threat of individuals gaining unauthorized access to your company’s information and assets? Shredding allows you to secure confidential information from both your company and clients.
Keep up with the latest regulations and compliance
If your business is not current on the latest regulations on the state, local, and federal level in addition to industry standards, you are at risk from having to pay massive fines and penalties. Information destruction through document shredding can help you avoid these situations.
Lower costs and less clutter
If you have old, outdated information laying around, you can use shredding to offset the added costs of managing it. This will allow you to focus on the information most relevant and applicable to your business currently.


Document Shredding of Physical Paper Files, Medical Records and X-rays

Whether your business requires regularly scheduled document destruction services or has a one-time need to securely destroy hard copy physical records or electronic media, ARKIVE Destruction Services can help you easily destroy your vital and confidential information.

ARKIVE’s Standard Operating Destruction Process ensures you

  • Mitigate your risks
  • Obtain “Peace of Mind”
  • Help maintain compliance

Ensure that all your physical records, vital documents and confidential information is completely and securely destroyed!

Hard Drive & Media Shredding

ARKIVE Destruction Services offers OFF-SITE and ON-SITE* destruction of hard drives, tapes and e-media*. Our standard operating processes enable us to capture and verify each serial number and item. We then shred each unit down to 1.5 centimeters at your site. This provides that extra level of confidentiality and “peace of mind”.

Don’t second guess the Destruction of your hard drives and electronic media – Be sure with ARKIVE’s full suite of personalized destruction services.

On-site Hard Drive Degaussing

Whether your business falls under Government security protocols or specific regulations requiring mandated degaussing, ARKIVE can help!

We deliver NSA approved or commercial degaussing devices for both hard drive and tapes*. As part of our Standard Operating Procedures, ARKIVE provides clients with a Certificate of Data Destruction.

Don’t let your information get into the wrong hands – Use ARKIVE to protect what matters!

On-site Enterprise Data Erasure

ARKIVE Destruction Services offers an on-site, non-intrusive solution for those organizations requiring absolute erasure on all types of hard drives and within any type of storage array including entire frames in data centers* . This service includes capturing the host device serial number and individual hard drive serial numbers.

When you need a complete enterprise data erasure solution, think ARKIVE!

Hard Drive Erasure

ARKIVE Destruction Services now offers a on-site solution to our IT clients and business partners requiring hard drive erasure services*.

A Mobile IT Lab arrives at your site and performs hard drive erasure to any level of DoD specs, whether the drives are loose or still in the computer. This ensures absolute data eradication before returning them to a leasing company or moving them off-site for disposal.

Complete closed-loop Data erasure service – ARKIVE – Protecting What Matters!

*Powered by Guardian Data Destruction

ARKIVE Shredding Services

With ARKIVE, your business has a partner to help securely destroy your vital records and business information. Our industry experience, knowledge, secure operating procedures, and efficient processes save you time and money. In addition, ARKIVE gives you a peace of mind, knowing that your information is destroyed with the following points of excellence:

Designing a Destruction Program to Meet Your Needs

From the initial meeting with your ARKIVE Account Executive, our goal is to design a destruction program that’s secure, cost-effective, mitigates your risk, and keeps your organization compliant.

Your Account Executive works closely with you and the ARKIVE operations team to arrange a site visit to map service sites and bin locations. The ARKIVE team will provide you a start schedule to deliver ARKIVE ‘s secure collection units along with a regular service schedule.

Proof of custody and service points

Providing you “peace of mind” is the focus of ARKIVE Destruction Services. We do this by a tracking process known as “Proof of Custody”. From the pickup of your information until its destruction, ARKIVE tracks and records each phase of the destruction process. As the ARKIVE security representative picks up your information to be destroyed, the following touchpoints are recorded:

Scan the collection unit at your site

Scan the collection unit to the secure ARKIVE vehicle

(which has Babaco locking and security systems along with GPS tracking)

The vehicle is scanned when it reaches the secure ARKIVE center

Bins are unloaded in the secure ARKIVE center

Material is recycled and a Certificate of Destruction is provided to clients as confirmation that all materials have been destroyed.

From your office through the shredding process, the security of your information is always at center of ARKIVE’S Destruction services.

Staying Green

ARKIVE is a firm believer in protecting the environment. All shredded documents are recycled into usable paper products. Media materials (hard drives, CDs, disks and X-rays) when feasible, are recycled for other uses.

Certificate of Destruction

Once your materials are legitimately confirmed as destroyed, ARKIVE provides clients a Certificate of Destruction. ARKIVE makes it easy to obtain each Certificate of Destruction online at the My ARKIVE Portal or MAP. Contact your ARKIVE Account Executive or the ARKIVE Client Services team to learn more.

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ARKIVE has everything you need to destroy your documents and hard drives properly to prevent intruders from stealing confidential information. As information management industry veterans, we place the highest priority on keeping your business records protected by any means.

If you’re ready to change the way you approach document destruction, look at how much we can do for you. Get a free quote and see how much you can save on document and electronic media destruction.