Has Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

What is Data Protection and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

How prepared is your business against the risk of business disruption, downtime, and natural disasters? Unfortunately many business owners aren’t adequately prepared to deal with unforeseen challenges. Sometimes no matter how confident you are as a business owner, a disaster can prove to be overpowering for you to address by yourself. From tape archiving, conversion and rotation services to cloud backup, disaster recovery and more, trust our ever-evolving, secure approach to seamless business continuity.

How Can ARKIVE Data Protection Help?

Quality data protection provides backup and security of your organization’s most important digital and media assets. Data is important for the functionality of businesses, governments, and associations, and must remain secure to mitigate data losses and not having enough onsite staff to protect your data can lead to devastating costs. To assist you with data protection, ARKIVE can help you with the following:


Off-site tape storage and rotation


Tape archiving


Data conversion and restoration


Cloud services


Disaster recovery and testing

Benefit from ARKIVE’s services in several ways

Over 2100 businesses rely on ARKIVE to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to safeguard and manage their information.

Keep up with ever expanding data volume

There is much potential for rapid growth in data to overwhelm and overpower your storage capacity systems, making everyone’s job much more stressful. There’s no need to have to worry about this problem when you sign up for our data protection services and breathe easy.

Mitigate risks and successfully protect confidential information

Accessibility is the name of the game when you use ARKIVE’S Cloud Services, backup and recovery solutions. We handle everything from data security to data copying. If you have an IT department at your business, we will be able to assist you cut down on your total cost of ownership and increase your return on investment.

Take greater advantage of IT resources available

Many IT departments face the reality of working with a limited budget, so even the smallest bit of savings can be huge for your business. Having a resource like ARKIVE’S experienced information management professionals to help you design business continuity and back-up plans helps you minimize cost, stay competitive and minimize downtime.

Our Services in More Detail

Secure Off-site Tape Storage and Restoration

Off-site tape storage at ARKIVE entails securely moving your tapes away from your premises and allowing us to provide the utmost care in secure transportation and storage. ARKIVE follows a strict set of standards as they pertain to securely storing your tapes and media at our temperature controlled facilities.

Tape Archiving

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of data your organization has, and managing all of it yourself can be a gigantic nightmare. It’s very easy to overlook smaller sets of data which on the surface may not be as important as confidential information about a customer.  Attention to detail will separate you from the rest of your competitors, and you need tape archiving to help you restore, retrieve, and backup this type of information.

Data Conversion, Restoration & Asset Management

A major problem with handling lots of data is a lack of clear organization, negatively affecting the success of your organization. ARKIVE can directly address the issue with data conversion, restoration, and asset management services. Data conversion primarily involves converting disorganized data to a more accessible format.

With the restoration process, we attempt to recover data from any failed storage medium including the following:
· Hard drives
· Solid state drives
· Flash drives
· Tapes

In big data and data analytics, we use asset management to better determine what kind of knowledge and data is most useful for your business purposes.

Cloud Services, Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

ARKIVE offers state-of-the-art cloud backup services and disaster recovery solutions to help your business stay secure. Cloud backup solutions allow enterprises to store data and computer files with a storage service provider instead of storing data locally on a physical disk. Relying on cloud services is beneficial when your organization is under massive constraints and lacks the in-house resources to manage large swaths of data. As a business owner, you need partner with a vendor with enough flexibility with regards to storing and encrypting your assets and data, and we have the skills and expertise to back up your most important information.

In case of a natural disaster, we perform disaster recovery testing to test how well your organization can recover data. A disaster recovery plan is a documented process or procedure set to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. It’s important to periodically have this testing completed so you’ll be ready when the next disaster strikes. You will receive a lot of benefits when you allow us to perform disaster recovery tests like the following:


High levels of system availability


Increased customer and vendor readiness for a disaster


Reduction in mistakes


Enhanced data availability and uptime


Greater ROI growth


100% access to online storage


Large reduction in backup process errors


Maintain ability to stay competitive


Higher customer retention rates


Lower costs due to automation of processes

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ARKIVE has everything you need to securely protect your assets from being lost due to sudden natural disasters and emergencies from cloud backup services to tape archiving and data conversion services. As information management industry veterans, we place great care in using the latest IT solutions to protect your data effectively.

Every measure you take to prepare your business in the case of an unexpected event or data loss will allow you to save revenue and time for your business. Get a free quote and see how much you can save on adequate data protection services.